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Internet Law Cases

Clickwrap Licenses

Softman Products vs. Adobe Systems 8/27/01 US District Court, Central District CA

ProCD Inc. v. Zeidenberg et al 06/20/96 7th Circuit Ct. of Appeals


New York Times Co. et al vs. Tasini 06/25/01 Supreme Court -- Licenses

Campbell v. Acuff Rose 03/07/94 Supreme Court - Fair Use

Random House vs. Rosetta Books 7/11/01 US District Court, SDNY

Greenberg v. National Geographic Society 11th Circuit 3/22/01

A&M Records, Inc. et. al. vs. Napster Inc. et al. 2/12/01 9th Circuit Ct of Appeals


Electronics Boutique Holdings v. Zuccarini 10/30/00 US District Court, EDPA

Data Retrieval

eBay Inc. V. Bidder's Edge 05/24/00 US District Court NDCA


Spam Case

Internet Gambling

USA v. Cohen 7/31/01 2nd Circuit

Las Vegas Casinos Shift Stand, Backing Internet Wagering

The Issues: for Internet Wagers, Shifting Legal and Financial Ground

Trademark/Domain Names

Referee Enterprises vs. Planet Ref et al 1/24/01 US District Court, ED Wisconsin

Playboy Enterprises vs. Terry Wells US District Ct, SDCA 04/28/98

Panavision vs. Toeppen 04/14/98 9th Circuit Ct. of Appeals

Ticketmaster v. 03/27/2000 US District Court, Central District CA

Brookfield Communications vs. West Coast Entertainment 4/22/99 9th Circuit


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